Ensure AI will deliver ROI to your business by:

  • Having the right expertise

    Successful advanced analytics projects require a combination of subject matter experts working together with PhD level data scientists who understand scientific data, physics and engineering principles.

  • Understanding data management issues

    Companies lack the data engineering expertise and time required to find, vet, clean, and format data.

  • Following a proven process

    Without a structured workflow supported by a team with competencies projects stall and fail.

  • Planning for infrastructure needs

    Develop a plan so that the organization has the right budget to support hardware and software needs. Look into how to protect and control your data.

How can AlphaX help?

  • Our proven advanced analytics methodology (RADAM©) shown below is customized to handle the iterative nature of complex projects that involve experts from multiple disciplines.
  • Our strong bench of subject matter experts accelerate our data scientists and software developers in productizing AI models.
  • Our work is platform independent across a wide range of advanced analytics technologies, depending on what best suits your organization.
  • Our Customer Data Acceptance Test (CDAT©) process ensures you don’t waste time starting a project that is not viable thereby ensuring faster analytics results.
  • Our AX-Cloud© is an instant on opex solution that allows both the hardware and software needed to support the project to be up and running in 4 hours or less. Plus, you retain control of the data.

SaaS Software Products

AlphaX encapsulate algorithms into purpose built enterprise integrated software products providing you with a way to monetize your analytics results fast. Purpose built is a necessity when offline or near real-time software is developed. For example, if an edge deployment is not a consideration your software can rely on a large historical dataset to manipulate for unsupervised learning. Or if near real-time is a consideration for you, the algorithm’s programmatic implementation has to be efficient. We bring to you deep 3-GL and 4-GL programming languages expertise which includes FORTRAN, C/C++, and JAVA.

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Mobile Development

The future of HDI (Human Device Interface) is mobile devices, which continue to decrease in size and how information is exchanged. We develop SaaS software products for IIOT with a clear goal of mobility driven implementation of your software products. For example, with a comprehension of your field Edge connectivity concerns, our designs inherently use bit level information exchange for monitoring applications.

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Edge Device Integration

Field services cannot rely on dedicated network connectivity back to the base much less dedicated bandwidth. We can build embedded systems for you to create optimized software implementations of algorithms that can run on micro-devices to lightweight CPU-based servers. Our experience on the hardware side includes Intel ATOM, Atmel, and Arduino based micro-devices and we have expertise in machine and 2-GL programming languages which includes assembly.

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UI/UX Core Competency

The best engineering solutions become an order of magnitude better with an optimal user interface. We embed ourselves with subject matter experts and users teams to not ask but observe their behaviors and design and develop interfaces that deliver intuitive experiences. We have significant experience in delivering products at scale in the industrial sector to create measurably efficient and effective software solutions.

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