How can you get the best return on your analytics projects?

  • Have the right expertise

    Successful advanced analytics projects require a combination of significant oil and gas experts (25+ years) working together with data scientists trained in looking at oil and gas data.

  • Understand data management issues

    Companies underestimate the time and skillsets required to find, vet, clean, and format data.

  • Follow a proven process

    Without a structured workflow supported by a team with competencies projects stall and fail.

  • Plan for infrastructure needs

    Develop a plan so that the organization has the right budget to support hardware and software needs. Look into how to protect and control your data.

How can AlphaX help?

  • Our proven advanced analytics methodology (RADAM©) is customized to handle the iterative nature of oil and gas projects that involve experts from multiple disciplines.
  • Our strong bench of oil and gas experts (petrophysics, geomechanics, reservoir characterization and others) accelerate our data scientists in determining the right domain requirements for machine learning models.
  • Our work is platform independent across a wide range of advanced analytics (ADA) technologies (R, Python, KNIME, Predix, etc.) depending on what best suits your organization.
  • Our Customer Data Acceptance Test (CDAT©) process ensures you don’t waste time starting a project that is not viable thereby ensuring faster analytics results.
  • Our AX-Cloud© is an instant on opex solution that allows both the hardware and software needed to support the project to be up and running in 24-48 hours or less. Plus, you retain control of the data.

Reduce Costs of Equipment Maintenance & Failure

Need to reduce non-productive time (NPT) and monitoring expense? Looking at improving how you plan and schedule maintenance and alleviate equipment failure on rod pumps, ESPs, etc? AlphaX has shutdown and failure event detection IP which can predict what breakdown event will occur and when it will occur. Our software can help prescribe a solution to prevent the problem from happening.

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Production Optimization

AlphaX has delivered production optimization solutions that use existing log files to help engineers better understand feature importance in a given well. By understanding correlations and implementing a machine learning solution you can increase your well uptime and reduce cost by maximizing drainage and equipment uptime. Using our CDAT process we can interpret your log files to let you know if you have the right data to look at your production optimization needs. Sensitive about giving out well data logs? Our cloud infrastructure and data anonymization solutions provide all the security you need to mask sensitive customer data prior to analysis.

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Optimize Completion Design & Execution

Our software dashboard allows you to leverage all your reservoir and drilling data to deliver machine learning insights on key fracture control parameters such as well spacing and length, proppant and fluid volumes and proppant type to  match completions design to reservoir and well properties to maximize initial and cumulative production while minimizing completions costs. Our experience across different geologies and continents have shown how nuanced this area of work can be, even within a certain field. Our experts will work with your engineering team to understand your current implementation to design better ones and will demonstrate to you through our models how they can best be implemented.

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Optimize Drilling & Well Placement

Use surface and downhole data in real-time to optimize your drilling time, rate-of-penetration (ROP), and minimize rig costs, integrate this with reservoir analytics to optimize well placement and spacing. Let the AlphaX data science team, who have advanced degrees in physics and math as well as understand geology and petrophysics see what correlations can be found from your data. We can let you know in four weeks or less depending on the complexity of the dataset whether a prediction model can be implemented. We can help you decide the platform and analytics stack that is ideal for the final implementation of the algorithm and we can assist you post implementation to retrain your offline model, or help maintain your real-time solution as needed. Alternatively, we can build you it into software solution.

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Enabling Subject Matter Experts through Knowledge Capture and Improved Predication

AlphaX is keenly aware of and values the deep knowledge that subject matter experts bring to organizations. However, many of the most important decisions being made today and data being processed is being done in spreadsheets where data can be corrupted or improperly processed. Further, with the number of sensors generating data 24-7, organizations will have to move to develop tools that can process ever increasing volumes of data on a real time basis to remain competitive. Let us work to enable your experts with better tools that will capture their decision making and experience in a way that optimize the true value of their work.

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